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We had a great day today on the first day of the Automotive tour. Together with some of our customers, we started the day of with a visit to Turo. We gained a great insight into their journey and what failures they went through before they became the company they’re now. They’re now also becoming slowly operational in countries in Europe. Some of our customers present saw big potential in collaborating with them.
Then it was of to both Uber and Lyft. Fierce competitors where we witnessed totally different cultures. It remains amazing if they present their growth statistics. And how they’re making far more use of the 96% that cars are normally standing still.
While we were sceptical at first about their next leap, we’re now far more convinced that flying cars are not a thing of the future, but are in fact getting very tangible.

Afterwards we were treated by a great meal from Vive La Tarte, a great Belgian startup here in San Francisco. We visited them last year and are excited to see they’re now opening up additional locations”.
Finally, we got a taste at NIO on what the design of a future car might look like. But above all, we got a real taste of the Silicon Valley spirit. They have dream teams with people from i.e. Google, Ford, Apple, Tesla and Netflix, and they give themselves a 5% chance of succes, which is fine for them! If it fails, well, at least they worked on something worthwhile, and the next day the recruiters will be on their front door anyway…

Greetings from San Francisco!

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